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Family Medicine

General Practice

Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Additional Location Services

Diagnostic Imaging (x-ray), Pharmacy, Dietitian, Hearing Clinic, Optometrist Centre and Denture Clinic

Uninsured Services & Procedures

AADAC application for admission
Airline cancellation insurance form
Attending Physician’s report for life insurance
Certificate of fitness – for school, camp, daycare, college, travel, etc.
Common wart/skin tag treatment
DATS form
Dental medical
Disability Benefit report
Disability Tax Credit form/Revenue Canada Disability 
Disabled Parking Authorization form
Driver’s medical
Fitness for work/sick note


Insurance medical
No Alberta Health Care Coverage
Out-of-Country patients
Maternity leave and EI form
Police medical/Cadet medical
Prospective adoptive/foster patents report
Seniors’ residence (Greater Edmonton Housing)
Third party medical
Traveller’s immunization
Trustee/Guardianship application form
Department of Veteran’s Affairs (DVA)

Any laboratory or x-ray services required will be billed separately.

Disclosure: Uninsured services and procedures are not limited to the above

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General Practice:

Dr. Ghitter-Mannes, Dr. Reichenauer, Dr. Semeniuk,

Dr. Wiznura, Dr. Liu

Dr. Tran, Dr. Gregson 


Dr. Azer – Click here for more info.

Dr. Jiwa OBGYN 

Dr Chou – Internal Medicine.